Business Intelligence Systems

TCM Group

The TCM Group was founded in 1987 and remains one of the largest privately owned, owner-managed Information Technology companies.  Currently the group employs over 1000 permanent staff members, spread over 9 branches across Africa including South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.

The TCM Group intends on remain a leading integrated servers and storage solutions and service provider in Africa, delivering world class consolidated IT solutions for e-Business.
All entities within the group strive to be flexible in the solutions they deliver ensuring that the systems implemented operate according to customer needs and specifications.


Group Key Objectives:

Strive to empower partners and customers to effectively monitor, manage and drive their business operations through the utilization of current IT concepts, technologies and services it is accredited to provide in solutions best suited for each individual environment and business requirement.

Through its experience and constant investment in skills which drives the ICT industry TCM Group continues to display social consciousness in all its decisions and is able to adapt to Africa’s ever changing business environment. The continuous application of this outlook sets us apart from our competitors and capacitates TCM to be a leader not only to our competitors but to our partners and clients as well.

Remain focused on delivering value and progress jointly with partners and customers through Information Technology solutions which enable organizations to meet their business objectives, and alongside TCM Group remain a responsible corporate citizen in the African economy.