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Cibecs - Complete Protection in a single solution

Cibecs is a complete solution for simple & secure business data protection.
Cibecs equips business IT with industry-leading data backup and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) which includes encryption, geo-locate and remote wipe. IT can easily migrate backed up users to new operating systems or hardware, and prove Corporate Governance Compliance.
Cibecs is easy to deploy, implement and centrally manage.

Endpoint Backup & Recovery

With Cibecs, IT can centrally manage and monitor user laptop & desktop backups and effectively implement data protection policies with no disruption to the end user. Backups are automated and secure, and invisible to your users.

Data Loss Prevention & Endpoint Data Security

Cibecs offers powerful Data Loss Prevention & Data Security protecting your business data from unauthorized access and giving you peace of mind if a device is lost or stolen.

Encryption ensures that data is protected from unauthorized access while Remote Wipe gives IT the ability to delete the data on a lost or stolen machine, increasing your data security & ensuring Corporate Governance Compliance.

Cibecs' unique ability to revoke access to data from a central location as well as our propriety Data Theft Prevention technology, which automatically revokes access to data if a device has not connected to the server within a certain period of time, further prevents unauthorized access and centralizes control.

Utilizing industry leading technology Cibecs' Geo-locate allows you to track the location of a device which gives you visibility of device movement and the ability to locate lost devices.

Quick device refresh & data migration

Cibecs enables simpler, faster, and less resource-intensive Data Migration & hardware refresh projects. Cibecs allows the recovery a single file, or migration all user data to a new machine or Operating System easily, automatically & securely on both Windows and Mac.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Cibecs gives your enterprise total control over endpoint data, and provides IT with intuitive reporting, complete data audit trails and advanced data insights.