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Road Warrior


A common problem experienced by medium sized sales operations is how to drive its workforce while out of the office with a view to making them more focused and effective.

There are offerings in the market that provide a solution that incorporates CRM, Order Processing, Human Resource Management and so forth. However, these are often too complex and costly for many businesses whose emphasis lies on direct interaction with their customers.
Developed for the South African market, Mobile at Work offers a suite of tools, utilities and turn-key solutions for the aspects involved with the activities of managing a mobile workforce.

Road Warrior is a tool applicable to mobile personnel that :

  • Schedule and track Customer or Site visits
  • Place orders or quote while on-site
  • Complete customer call reports or site visits/audits
  • Place customer requests while onsite
  • Complete on-site risk assessment forms

Road Warrior has been designed to improve effective management of a mobile workforce and allow for instant information sharing. It helps mobile workers manage their customer interactions and information gathered. It helps team managers, through its complimentary web application, to plan, monitor and report on their team’s activities.


Sales staff are usually very good at selling and managing customer relationships but they are typically not fond of all the admin that is required around the job. Road Warrior allows both the Sales Manager or Business Owner and the staff to follow a process (timeously with a great deal of automation) and allow them to focus on management and selling rather than playing catchup on the paper-work on weekends !

Sales Managers need to be able to keep track and manage visits being performed by their staff over a period of time. This enables them to manage their performance of the representative, service delivered to customers as well as meet targets set by the business for the period.

Road Warrior allows you to :

  • Know that the mobile team is seeing the right customer at the right time.
  • Empower your Sales team to drive orders while out of the office
  • Capture information from the field that keeps you informed of market trends.
  • Reduces costly ordering errors that result in returns and unhappy clients.
  • Manage your opportunities by monitoring prospecting activity.