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TCM Electronic Customer Support is a comprehensive and integrated AS/400 ECS system that provides you with specialized hardware and software support. The error conditions will be automatically passed on via TCM’s paging system, to a Customer Engineer who will then be able to determine whether preventative action is necessary in order to avert a possible system down condition.

A Passthrough facility enables the Customer Engineer to sign on to your system (with your prior consent), in order to check hardware errors logged. In addition a Systems Engineer can use the same facility to assist you with any AS/400 system software problem. All these sessions will programatically create audit trails of each screen accessed by TCM.

TCMECS is not restricted by limitations which constrain traditional data transfer methods. For example, TCMECS will transmit data to another AS/400 even if the ASP threshold of the sending system has been exceeded. Reduces costly ordering errors that result in returns and unhappy clients.