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Value Added Services

To ensure future product and service strategy, TCM Software has the highest direct Business Partner relationship with OEM’s namely IBM.

TCM Software has highly skilled and qualified staff which has been successfully providing services to our customers.

Sales Professionals focus and are certified on specific technologies and as a team, with the support of solution architects ensure the end-users requirements are understood and provide partners with leading-edge solutions to present to customers.

TCM Software architects can make use of the TCM Groups solution design centre which encourages knowledge share with experts in various spaces and resources focused on administration and implementation. This high level view and turnkey approach enables TCM Software partners to generate best-fit solutions.

Customer Services and Account Management

As a service-centric organization TCM understands the value of customer satisfaction and experience. Account Managers are supported by fully competent product managers for all brands, pre-sales and architectural resources, project managers and post-sales managers with teams across South Africa to accommodate customer needs and requests.

TCM’s Account Management strategy provides customers with a dedicated single point of contact assist throughout the following phases:

  • Sales and lifecycle of solutions –Assessments and account planning
  • Design –Architecture and consulting
  • Procurement -Proposals, deliveries, schedules
  • Project management –Documentation, resources and communication
  • Implementation –Facilitation of planning sessions and resource allocation
  • After sales support –Facilitation of escalation, monitoring and reporting

Technology Updates

TCM Software is able to take responsibility alongside partners and the vendors in managing the lifecycle and transition plans for the chosen product range. TCM Software works with the partner and vendor to advise customers in advance when a model will be end of life and ensures the necessary agreement from customers in which model to transition the business to. TCM Software ensures that the necessary stock levels are forecasted in conjunction with project milestones to ensure the stock availability of the older models during the transition period so there is no impact to the business.