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TCM has launched an MICT SETA Training Academy, aimed at skills development for previously disadvantaged youth. TCM has purchased new premises in Bedfordview, Johannesburg to house the TCM Academy. This investment is a clear display of TCM’s belief in this initiative and confidence in the South African youth and economy.

Being fully committed to skills creation development, TCM meets its own technical skills needs through TCM Academy, which was established in 2007. TCM Academy provides vendor and MICT SETA training programs endorsed by an in-house mentorship track which sees the students of TCM Academy assigned to an experienced TCM engineer, this element of the program allows students to enter the job market not only with internationally recognized certifications but with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in a live environment.

TCM bought and established premises in Bedfordview, Johannesburg to house the TCM Academy. This investment is a clear display of TCM’s belief in the initiative and confidence in the African economy and youth. TCM Academy students are under no obligation to serve any term of service at TCM upon completion of their education, however, there is an average absorption rate of 85% per annum of TCM Academy graduates into TCM group.

This learning facility has full MICT SETA and Original Equipment Manufacturer accreditation (including CISCO), and is run by certified assessors, moderators and qualified trainers. The TCM Academy’s drive to help South Africa’s disadvantaged youth use information and communications technology (ICT) to realise their potential has been greatly strengthened through its collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

Social responsibility and skills generation programmes, both of which TCM Academy encompasses fulfil a vital role in developing the mindset that society needs. TCM is an established ICT solutions provider and, through its TCM Academy, trains and mentors people from disadvantaged backgrounds. With all its accomplishments since 2007, TCM Academy saw an increase in applications, to retain its focus on its core objective, which is to provide quality education to individuals who do not see themselves in a position to actualize their career dreams within their own capacity, TCM Academy collaborated with Nelson Mandela Children's Fund which now serves as TCM Academy’s recruitment arm. Nelson Mandela Children's Fund together with TCM Academy provides supplementary education, mentoring programs and career guidance to vulnerable and underprivileged children from school-going age.

On completion of matric, the organization depends on its network to assist in placing and funding the children’s skills advancement. TCM Academy developed sufficient confidence in Nelson Mandela Children's Fund to source, identify and select its students.